Mrs. Ferns- Physical education / health teacher
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The goal of the Physical Education and Health Department is to learn and apply knowledge, skill and attitude across grade levels to enhance personal fitness levels that will build life-long enjoyment of body awareness and fitness. Mrs. Ferns' philosophy is that an interaction of fun, fitness and friendship through a variety of fundamental game play will encourage fitness year around.
These are the basic expectations of the students for phys. ed. class, and we appreciate family and parent help to remind the students of their responsibilities:

  • The student should wear clothing suitable for activity that does not restrict their body;
  • A basic sneaker is preferred, which ensures student safety during gym activities and games;
  • Jewelry is discouraged—it can be a safety problem for the student and other students in the class;
  • Written excuses from gym should be given to the teacher at the beginning of class.

Websites or resources of interest are : (This is a website for general health information) (provides nutrition information about fruits and vegetables)

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