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Visit our music blog!

In music class at Arlington School students have a chance to interact with the art form of music in a hands-on environment.

Students receive music once a week for thirty minutes and an extra thirty minutes every other week for chorus (grades 1 and 2) or recorder (grades 3 and 4). Our curriculum focuses on reading, writing, singing, playing and moving while also teaching music from many parts of the world and many cultures.

This year we are implementing an online blog as a resource for our students to use at home. This will allow students to access resources from class at home in the event of absences or to help with enrichment!

This website is accessible at and we would like to invite you to visit with your children.

At this time commenting is not an option on the blog. It is one-way and meant to be used to
disseminate information to our students at Arlington. From time to time we may post
videos of musical performances or videos recapitulating lessons for students but at no point will we
publish any student or class names, videos, pictures or media of performances at these schools.
As we work on building student recorder skills, the videos posted to the blog will also allow students a
chance to practice and sharpen concepts including instrument technique and music reading skills.